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Our menu changes week to week, sometimes day to day, because it is dictated by the produce and meats provided by our longtime relationships with area farmers. 

For the most up to date menu, you can always give us a call at (919) 732-6261 or check to see what we've posted on Facebook or Instagram.


Dinner Includes the Daytime Menu with the Addition of our Handmade Pastas and More...

Daytime Menu:

Prosciutto Sandwich, Fresh Mozzarella, Marinated Artichokes, Arugula, Rose Syrup

Spaghetti, Chili Oil, Cucumber, Arugula, Saffron Cream, Breadcrumbs

⋆ Mixed Lettuce Salad, Parmesan Dressing, Onions, Eggs, Radishes, Cucumbers, Cracker

⋆ Shrimp and Egg Salad, Lettuce, Grilled Bread

⋆ Bucatini and Meatball, Tomato Sauce, Parmesan, Breadcrumbs

⋆ Kimchi Jook, Porchetta, Scallions, Radishes

⋆ Tuna Salad, Cucumber, Pickled Onions, Lettuce

Handmade Pastas & Then Some

(We make and roll all of our own pasta - always)

 Bigoli, braised broccoli raab, garlic, anchovy, lemon, capers, rye breadcrumbs, chili oil [21]
⋆ Black Campanelle, monkfish, lemon butter, crispy fennel, arugula [25]

⋆ Spinach Mafalde, n'duja crumbles, poached egg, cream, arugula, parmesan [24]

⋆ Grilled Pork and Beef Sausage, shrimp, fried polenta, tomato gravy, parsley [25]

Meat & Cheese Plate: 3 NC cheeses, 2 meats, pickles, jam, and bread (not available to-go) [21]

​Grilled Bread w/ olive oil & balsamic vinegar [5]

*house-made gluten free pasta available upon request*


At this time, take-out is very limited for dinner. We are a very small team, and we can only do so many things at once! Feel free to give us a call to check in, and if we can pull it off for you, we will.

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